Advisory Council

We are currently recruiting for our Advisory Council, a group of professionals who will provide philanthropic, partnership-building, and advisory support for our programming. If you're interested in joining a group of like-minded individuals who want to make a difference, let us know and email us!

Ahmad S.

Amani A.

Faisal H.

Joseph T.

Karim B-M.

Malik N.

Margaret R.

Mona H.

Mona is a Strategic Customer Success Manager at Cloudflare. She has worked in the technology space for 8 years, managing post-sales relationships for high-value customers at SaaS companies ranging from start-ups to established public companies. She graduated from Stanford University with honors in History, primarily focusing her research on the Middle East and its diaspora in the United States. She is a first generation Korean Egyptian American, and spent her childhood between Texas, California, and the United Arab Emirates.