Podcast: Halal food pantries across NYC aren’t getting the support they need

September 15, 2022

Throughout the pandemic we’ve witnessed a surge in food insecurity and long lines at pantries across the city. At the same time pantries have struggled to keep up with the demand, and in some cases, have been forced to turn people away. That includes the few pantries that supply Halal food. And as Halal food pantries fail to get the support they need to continue operating like they used to, our community members in need are finding it particularly difficult to secure food they can eat.

In this episode, Epicenter NYC speaks to the Arab-American Family Support Center about the accessibility of halal food aid in NYC, as well as Ishaq Alpar, the Director of Support Services at ICNA Relief.


Arab-American Family Support Center: https://aafscny.org/

ICNA Relief: https://icnarelief.org/

New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene:

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