Arab American Family Support Center

AAFSC empowers new immigrants with the tools they need to successfully acclimate to the world around them and become active participants in their communities.

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Preventive Services Program

Ensuring children are protected and nurtured while stabilizing and strengthening families.

Health Program

Assisting uninsured families and individuals in obtaining free or low-cost health insurance.

Adult Education and Literacy

Helping recent immigrants learn English, become active citizens, and successfully adapt to life in the United States.

Legal Program

Providing counselling, application assistance, and direct representation to immigrants navigating the American immigration legal system.

Youth Program

Encouraging youth to excel academically, develop positive leadership skills, and embrace diversity, tolerance, and peace.

Anti-Violence Program

Empowering survivors of domestic violence, dating violence, female genital mutilation, forced marriage, sexual assault, and stalking.

New Immigrants and Refugee Fund

On average, a newly-arrived refugee family in the United States has an International Organization for Migration (IOM) bill of $5,000 or more that they must pay back to cover their airfare to the United States. Without support from the New Immigrants and Refugees Fund, families are often left struggling to meet their basic needs in the face of this major expense. Our Fund fills a critical gap by offsetting major expenses for newly-arrived immigrants and refugees that no organization or entity is able to provide assistance towards.

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Board of Directors

Naseem Haffar, Board Chair
Assad Jebara, Board Treasurer
Christine Moore Vassallo, Board Secretary
Rita Gail Johnson
Tony Kutayli
David Pollak

Rawaa Nancy Albilal, President and CEO

As President and CEO, Ms. Albilal brings to AAFSC her vast executive experience in organizational development, strategic planning, and in building community stakeholder collaboration initiatives. Prior to joining AAFSC, Nancy served as the Vice President for Development at the Foundation Center. At the Foundation Center, Ms. Albilal advanced the financial strategies for the organization, overseeing fundraising, performance evaluation, and outcomes. Prior to her work at Foundation Center, Ms. Albilal served as director of social services at the Department of Child and Family Well-Being for the City of Newark, where she was responsible for strategic planning, resource development, and evaluation. Ms. Albilal has also served as a consultant and lecturer for Rutgers University teaching cultural diversity and inclusion.

Senior Staff

Hizam Wahib, Senior Director of Legal Services and Operations
Hannah McIntire, Senior Director of Capacity Building and Organizational Learning
LeAnn Tadros, Continuous Quality Control Specialist
Danny Salim, Director of Antiviolence Program
Arij Abdul-Halim, Director of Preventive Services, Queens
Cyrus Roedel, Director of Preventive Services, Brooklyn
Nidal Aloubane, Director of Readiness Initiatives