AAFSC Joins NYC Council’s New Arrivals Strategy Team

June 12, 2024

The Arab-American Family Support Center has joined the NYC Council’s New Arrivals Strategy Team, a coalition of city officials, social service organizations, funders, and community members who aim to evaluate how well the city is serving newly arrived migrants. AAFSC is uniquely positioned to offer city leaders tangible strategies and action steps to do better by our new neighbors. We look forward to contributing to this effort.

AAFSC served more than 16,000 people last year. We see the huge holes in the social safety net that they are falling through. But, we remain a resource and have expanded our programs to provide additional food, toiletries, resource navigation support, English language classes, and legal services.

We need your help as we head into the hot summer months. Show us that you support the basic rights and well-being of ALL New Yorkers by making a tax-deductible donation to support our newest community members today. Your donations will go towards purchasing essential items such as toiletries, clothing, and food for those who need these items most.