Meet Amparo

July 19, 2022

Amparo hails from the Dominican Republic and joined AAFSC four years ago when she set out to improve her English language skills. Her life has been far from easy – Amparo suffered the loss of her husband while she was pregnant with their son. When her son turned 2, she decided to leave the Dominican Republic and join her mother in New York City in 2006 to seek out a better life for he family.

My goal is to learn English – I want to read, write, and speak it fluently so that I can get a good job and support myself and my family.

When Amparo first came to AAFSC, her English speaking and comprehension skills were extremely limited. However, when she sets a goal for herself, she is determined to meet it.

With every class she attended at AAFSC, her English-speaking skills improved tremendously along with her confidence. Amparo started as a beginner four years ago and now speaks an advanced level of English thanks to the help of AAFSC’s dedicated teachers and volunteers. To her fellow students, Amparo has become a role model and a testament to what hard work can achieve. Her relationship with her now-teenage son has also improved with her new English skills.

I have to thank AAFSC and their services because the English classes have helped me so much.

In 2019, Amparo achieved a huge milestone in her immigration journey – she passed the Citizenship Exam and became U.S. citizen which was one of her first goals when she came to AAFSC. Way to go, Amparo!