AAFSC’s After School Program visits Puppetworks

April 19, 2012

Students await the puppet show with anticipation at Puppetworks in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Last Saturday, the youth from AAFSC’s went to Puppetworks for an innovative production of Little Red Riding Hood. The students were accompanied by volunteers from New York Cares. After the show students and volunteers enjoyed the beautiful weather in the park while playing kickball and playing on the swings.

Students enjoy the spring weather at the park.

The trip to the Puppetworks was part of New York Cares “Urban Adventures” program, which pairs local volunteers with youth groups, such as the AAFSC’s after school program, for monthly field trips. In May, the students will go students will go Rock Climbing as part of the Urban Adventures Program and in June they will visit the Coney Island Amusement Park. AAFSC would like to thank New York Cares volunteers, especially trip coordinators Sabrina and Ronnie, for making these trips possible. If you are interested in volunteering with the AAFSC as part of the Urban Adventures program, visit the New York Cares Website or contact Jake Keyel at 718-643-8000 ext. 39.

Students played kickball against the volunteers, the students won, of course!