Resources and Referrals

Here, community members, CBOs, and other agencies can access mental health resources for the AMEMSA community. In addition to these resources, we also have provided a mental health referral form to the Arab-American Family Support Center.

Accessing Resources

For most of our community members, it is often difficult finding culturally responsive and linguistically appropriate mental health services. That’s why the Reclaiming Our Health mental health initiative has compiled a list of mental health clinics that have practitioners who speak our language, understand our cultures, and are low-cost for many. You can access the list here: ROH Mental Health Resources in New York City.

Similarly, the Arab-American Family Support Center also provides behavioral health services free of charge. If you are a CBOs, agencies, or other organization seeking services for your clients, we ask that you complete our agency wide referral form. If you are a community member seeking services, you can either complete this form or call our center for more information.