Pursue Solutions

We uplift the voices and needs of under-represented communities and champion gender, racial, restorative, and immigrant justice. We document the impact of culturally competent practices and serve as a resource for partners across sectors.

AAFSC Research Institute

AAFSC’s Research Institute is a hub for research & evaluation that measures community needs and analyzes the impact of culturally and linguistically-responsive programs and initiatives. We are committed to measuring our impact and utilizing culturally and linguistically responsive evaluation practices to ensure ongoing improvement of our programs and initiatives. We are proud to prioritize research and analysis that expands our understanding of community needs and highlights the impact of culturally appropriate intervention. For more reports and insights, visit our Impact page at aafscny.org/our-impact. 

Our Solution-Based Initiatives in 2021

65,000+ beneficiaries reached through our outreach and education initiatives.

60 community members registered to vote with our support

66% of AAFSC clients reported a health-related need in our Community Needs Assessment, as measured by the AAFSC Research Institute

Voter & Civic Engagement

As a trusted community resource, AAFSC has an extensive history raising awareness about policies impacting immigrant community members and supporting families activate their capacity for civic engagement. Through voter registration and education, Census outreach, Public Charge info sessions, and Know Your Rights workshops, AAFSC connects families to the information and resources needed to exercise their rights and participate meaningfully in our democracy. 

Taskforce on Racial Inclusion & Equity (TRIE)

Through the Taskforce on Racial Inclusion and Equity (TRIE), AAFSC and our coalition partners are paving the way for an equitable recovery from COVID-19 that channels resources and information to the immigrant neighborhoods and communities of color impacted disproportionately by the economic, physical, and mental effects of the pandemic. Our multi-faceted response promotes food security, mental well-being and resiliency, COVID-19 outreach, and civic engagement in the neighborhood of Briarwood, Queens and across all five boroughs.