Welcome to Mark Foggin, AAFSC’s Interim Executive Director

April 23, 2024

AAFSC is pleased to announce that Mark Foggin will continue his term as Interim Executive Director for the next two years. Mark has worked with AAFSC’s Board of Directors and our expert program leadership teams to maximize our programmatic expansion and strengthen our organization’s capacity to deliver services to an ever-increasing group of people who need them. Mark’s 30 years of experience leading public sector and nonprofit organizations is helping to ensure that our back-end operations are as strong as our programs.



Mark's Bio

Mark Foggin is the Interim Executive Director at the Arab-American Family Support Center. Mark brings 30 years of experience helping public sector and nonprofit expand their impact in sustainable ways. He has spent the past 15 years providing strategic leadership to a range of mission-driven organizations navigating transitions and expansions. He is a co-founder of Public Works Partners, a management consulting firm helping public sector and nonprofit entities to increase their positive impact on local communities. Prior to that, Mark spent 12 years leading departments and initiatives in New York City government.