Meet Nada

July 21, 2022

One year ago, Nada’s family reached out to AAFSC in need of academic and social-emotional support for their children. Nada was connected to our Young Adult & Youth Program (YAYP) where she received one-on-one coaching to keep pace with her schoolwork and enhance her English literacy skills and was welcomed into a network of other immigrant youth from local Arab, Middle Eastern, North African, Muslim, and South Asian communities.  

In January, the YAYP team invited Nada to a Funny Girls showcase to see her peers put their improv and team-building skills on display. Inspired by their performance and skills in public-speaking and leadership, Nada joined Funny Girls and now thrives as an active member. While developing tools for self-expression and empathy, Nada also enjoys the opportunity to build a new community of girls her age to bond with.  

“I love Funny Girls because I enjoy connecting with [AAFSC’s YAYP staff] and the other girls. I love the [Funny Girls] activities like making up stories and creating songs word by word with everyone.” 

Nada isn’t the only one who has noticed an improvement in her leadership and confidence. Our Program Coordinators & Facilitators noticed Nada’s confidence has skyrocketed since joining the program, and she takes an active role in asking questions and leading discussions. Young leaders like Nada and her fellow YAYP participants are the next generation of change-makers, who deserve access to a safe space to develop life skills, confidence, and strong community bonds. We wish her luck in her journey ahead!