Meet Maria

July 21, 2022

Maria first came to AAFSC through a New York City Family Justice Center. Following her experience with sexual assault, Maria was hesitant to involve the police, and instead turned to a trusted community resource to receive treatment. Once connected to AAFSC’s Anti-Violence Program, Maria received immediate crisis intervention, safety planning, and civil legal advocacy as she navigated the immediate aftermath of her assault. She also received a referral for mental health counseling to begin the process of healing. Once she was feeling better, Maria began to look for options to relocate; the person causing harm still lived close-by and she continued to fear for her safety. In the midst of this crisis, Maria was laid off from her job and feared that her financial instability may further jeopardize her housing and security. AAFSC’s Case Manager swiftly responded by connecting her with public benefits as well as an Emergency Housing Voucher application, providing continuous support as she navigated the complex approval process.

Recently, Maria learned that she was granted an Emergency Housing Voucher and has begun the process of finding a new home. Through continuous and wrap-around support from her Case Manager, Maria is preparing to begin her next chapter.