Meet Leyla

July 21, 2022

Through a resource tabling event in Coney Island, AAFSC spoke to Leyla about COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy among her own friends and family. Leyla owns a coffee shop in the neighborhood and received her COVID-19 vaccination because she “wants to protect those who are vulnerable”. After talking with our Outreach team about the barriers to vaccination, Leyla gained factual information, data, and resources in English and Arabic to help her communicate effectively about the COVID-19 vaccines. Leyla now feels “confident” in referring others to AAFSC now that she knows more about our services.

Equipped with our tools and resources, Leyla is effecting change directly in her community. After speaking with her friend about the COVID-19 vaccine in Arabic, she helped schedule her COVID-19 vaccination appointment and even went with her to get vaccinated. “This is a great service and me and friend can now meet safely, which means that others can also meet safely.”