Meet Alba

July 21, 2022

Alba arrived in New York City with her daughter, a change of clothes, and barely enough money for food and a few nights in a hotel. Fleeing from her abusive partner, Alba left her home in search of a new beginning; but after her financial resources ran dry, she and her daughter faced a new set of challenges. Without adequate support, Alba and her daughter stayed in shelters, making it difficult to create a stable environment and secure employment.  

In her time of need, Alba was referred to the Arab-American Family Support Center and swiftly connected to our Anti-Violence Program (AVP) and Community Health and Well-Being Department to receive wrap-around services for her and her daughter. Our AVP Case Manager provided emotional support to Alba and her family and assisted them in accessing housing resources to secure stable and affordable accommodation. Through complementary support in our Community Health & Well-Being Program, Alba was paired with a Community Outreach and Enrollment Coordinator who assisted her in completing applications for SNAP benefits, WIC, and health insurance for her family, ensuring they were accessing the services needed to remain healthy and well.  

Although Alba would eventually receive government assistance, her access to these essential resources was delayed, and Alba required immediate financial assistance in order to feed, clothe, and provide for her family. Our AVP team assisted Alba in applying to our Emergency Relief Fund which immediately delivered nearly $1,000 for food, baby supplies, and winter clothing, creating a safety net while she waited for government assistance to arrive.  

“AAFSC alleviated the stress off me and my little one. The process to obtain the funds was rather smooth, and I received a big smile from the AAFSC staff member at the front desk.” With AAFSC’s support, Alba is starting a new chapter for her and her daughter.