Meet Thuraya

July 20, 2022

Meet Thuraya — a long-time participant of AAFSC’s Young Adult and Youth Program. Over the years, AAFSC has watched her grow and thrive as a student and active member of our community. In 2021, Thuraya set her sights on college, and turned to her support network at AAFSC to help achieve this goal. With the wrap-around support of our culturally and linguistically competent Young Adult and Youth Program Facilitators, Thuraya received assistance researching colleges, crafting her personal essay, and navigating the complex FAFSA process. 

“The Arab-American Family Support Center really helped me with my college application process, especially as a first-generation college applicant. I had a really hard time filling out my FAFSA when applying to college. I’m the oldest child and my dad didn’t have the time to help, nor did he understand it himself. It’s a nice feeling knowing there are people, like the AAFSC community, there to guide me.” 

Following her successful application process, Thuraya’s hard work and determination paid off when she was accepted to Hunter College, where she will enroll next year. Thanks to her hard-work, focused determination, and with the support of her trusted mentors at AAFSC, Thuraya will take a meaningful step in pursuit of a career in computer science.  

Through our Youth and Young Adult Program, we support immigrant youth with life skills training, academic enrichment, mental health support, and college/career exploration, setting them on a path to achieve their goals. Young learners like Thuraya – and the many participants involved in our programming — are the next generation of community change-makers. We wish her luck in her next chapter!