Meet Sadia

July 20, 2022

Sadia immigrated from Bangladesh and now lives in New York City with her two children. Confronting a history of domestic violence, trauma, parenting challenges, and struggles with her own mental health and well-being, Sadia turned to the Arab-American Family Support Center for during her time of need. Through our trauma-informedfamily-centered approach, Sadia and her children were connected to a range of AAFSC’s complementary services. After enrolling in our Preventive Services program, Sadia’s family were supported in crafting goals that would put her and her children on a road to safety and healing. Through referrals to our Anti-Violence Program and Emergency Relief fund, Sadia received the resources needed to navigate out of harmful circumstances, receiving financial assistance and childcare resources to start fresh. Once connected to our Mental Health Counseling program, Sadia was supported through a holistic approach and received psychoeducation on topics such as parenting, building coping skills, and self-care.

In the year since she and her children came to AAFSC, Sadia’s life has rapidly shiftedShe can safely process her personal experiences without fear of retribution, and with the support from her Mental Health Clinician, Razia Begum, LMSW, she is working to overcome trauma and discover a new sense of confidence and agency. Sadia is now working on starting an event-planning business and her children are thriving at school. Through her ongoing work with her clinician, she has demonstrated a willingness and commitment to healing in her own life, as well as her family’s.  

“Starting all over again is a difficult task but with constant encouragement and motivation from my clinician, case planner and all other AAFSC support I’m able start from scratch. I’m picking up all the pieces and putting them together to make a new beginning for myself and my children. I’m proud that I was able to prove myself and overcome the challenges regardless of being neglected and put down constantly. I’m thankful to AAFSC for being the shining armor. I’m grateful for the unconditional support and guidance that I have received. I’m positive that the days ahead will be brighter for me, and I will be able to overcome all of my hurdles.”

We are so proud of the work Sadia is putting into strengthening herself, her family, and community!