Meet Mohamed

July 20, 2022

Mohamed has been coming to AAFSC faithfully for seven years as a long-term participant of our youth initiatives. He joined the MENar Program which is dedicated to strengthening young boys and men of color like himself.

The Center helps me a lot. I get homework support, help on essays, and help on my projects. I make a lot of friends. My counselor helped me pass the semester too.

A native speaker of Sudani Arabic, Mohamed was determined to strengthen his English skills by bringing his ESL coursework to our Center for academic support and guidance. Through the MENar Program curriculum and the patience of our academic coaches, Mohamed built his confidence and language skills tremendously.

Not only has the MENar Program allowed Mohamed to grow academically, but it has also given him unique opportunities to explore creativity and interact with art through various mediums.

I like the different programs we have like the music recording project. We always get to go on cool trips too, like seeing a play at St. Ann’s Warehouse.

We’re so proud of how far Mohamed has come and we’re excited to watch him achieve even more of his goals!