To Promote Community Safety, NYC Must Invest in a Wrap-Around Approach

July 13, 2022

In light of the recent rise in hate crimes targeting NYC’s immigrant neighborhoods and communities of color, City and community leaders are seeking to articulate their vision for promoting safety and well-being. As the Mayor’s Office and New York City Council pursue policy solutions addressing crime and community safety, AAFSC and our partners recognize that community safety is layered and tied inextricably with the social determinants of health – such as food and housing security, economic stability, education and family services access, and healthcare access and quality. In a city that continues to grapple with the economic, social, and health-related impacts of COVID-19, the link between crime prevention and holistic, wrap-around programming that promotes meaningful and long-term safety and well-being is evident.  


AAFSC’s suite of linguistically accessible and culturally competent programming takes a multifaceted approach to strengthen communities and promote public safety at all levels. Our complementary initiatives support victims and survivors of violence with their immediate needs and work to confront the root causes of crime by creating healthy, sustainable, and systemic change in immigrant neighborhoods throughout NYC. Despite the well-documented impact of this programming approach, initiatives that pair community resiliency programming with crime reduction interventions are historically underfunded. Amidst and unprecedented rise in demand for AAFSC’s services over the past few years – a period in which our communities saw a rise in hate crimes — the need for additional support to expand community-based support is urgent.  


How AAFSC is responding to the social determinants of health and enhancing community safety and resiliency in affected communities

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