An AAFSC Funny Girls Participant Reflects on Women’s History Month

March 29, 2022

AAFSC’s Funny Girls is an improv group led by girls, for girls. Our program holds weekly sessions for girls ages 8-13 to learn improv performance techniques while developing skills and values such as self-expression, leadership, public speaking, trust, collaboration, and empathy. In honor of Women’s History Month, we spoke with one of our Funny Girls participants about one of her role models and the ways in which she embodies the qualities of a Funny Girls leader and women’s advocate!

“In honor of Women’s History Month, I would like to talk about my auntie. She is one of the most important people in my life. When I was born she had the idea to name me. She supports me in so many different ways. She makes sure I have money so I can treat myself and have nice outfits. She also shows me how to stand up for myself in school when others are not nice. I hadn’t seen her for a while because of COVID-19, but I recently got to see her when I went to Yemen and we were so happy. She saw how much I missed her and my other family and friends and she had a big party to honor me. It made me feel so loved.

It makes me happy to share this story, which reminds me of Funny Girls. Through Funny Girls I am reminded to look at my own qualities that make me a leader. I wish my friends in Yemen could be part of Funny Girls too, but since they can’t, I tell them all about the different lessons we learn and the activities we play. I know I will be a good leader because I have strong people like my auntie to look up to and programs like Funny Girls to participate in. I hope other young girls have opportunities like this, too.” -AAFSC 2022 Funny Girls Participant