News Concerns: 10 Ways to Teach Kids About Giving

December 22, 2021

How young can we start teaching children about giving back to their community, volunteering, or fostering gratitude? The answer is as early as possible! In News Concerns recent article 8 Ways to Teach Kids about Giving, AAFSC’s Volunteer Program was highlighted as a way for Brooklyn-based families to support vulnerable immigrant and refugee communities in New York City. To learn more about our Volunteer program and browse our current offerings, visit the Volunteer page of our website.  To read the full article from News Concerns, click here.


Please note – due to our transition from in-person programming to remote programming, we are working with volunteers to ensure COVID-19 safety at our events. All positions are remote unless you are volunteering for an outdoor event. We currently do not have weekend or evening opportunities at this time.