USA TODAY: Arab Americans Suffer An Unseen COVID-19 Crisis

March 1, 2021

AAFSC’s COVID-19 Impact Survey Report was recently highlighted in a USA TODAY article that brings attention to the impact of COVID-19 on Arab-Americans, a vulnerable community that is made invisible due to non-inclusive data collection.

“In New York City, where immigrant and refugee families often double up to afford the city’s expensive housing, a survey conducted by the Arab-American Family Support Center found that overcrowding worsened amid the job losses of the pandemic, allowing the virus to run rampant.

“COVID-19 is spreading like wildfire because they are unable to isolate,” said Rawaa Nancy Albilal, the AAFSC’s President & CEO. “And many of them live or work in jobs that put them at the highest risk possible.”

[PHOTO: Spencer Platt/Getty Images]