Thoughts From Our Beautiful Life: I Miss You Mom by Nasrin

March 28, 2018

In honor of Muslim Women’s Day on March 28th, and Arab Mother’s Day on March 21st, please enjoy another short story by one of our female students!

“In the name of Allah, I’m happy because you have given me this chance to write about a great person who is like no one else I have ever met before. I wish I could describe this person and what this person has given me. I want to tell you about someone who is so important to my life. I’m here because of her, after Allah. I always thank Allah for giving me this woman. She did everything for me. If I wanted her soul, she would give it to me. She wants everything good for me in this life and in the end.

She is my mother. She would give her life for my brothers and me.

She is my mother. She would give her life for my brothers and me. She wouldn’t sleep if my brothers or I felt sick or tired. She is always with me in her heart and mind. She is a really good mother. When I grew up, I didn’t listen to her. I thought it was ok if I didn’t listen to her. And I didn’t feel anything when she was mad at me. But she would always say to me, “You will miss me when I die or you leave me.” I would cry when she said that. But I thought I would never leave her.

Oh, but this day came,  and I left my mom, and I came to New York. When I was leaving my home, I was crying a lot. I didn’t want to leave my mom. Now, I just know how kind my mom is. She was so worried about me. She loved me so much. I wish I never made her upset at me. I hope I will be like her and teach my kids what she taught me. She taught me what life means. She taught me how I can live in this bad world. Islam talks about all the mothers in the world, and the Quran says we have to respect our mothers and do what they want, even give up our lives. We shouldn’t let any mom in this life be angry at her kids. We are in this life because of her, after Allah. I’m proud of my mother and what she taught me. O hope she is proud of me too.

Now, I feel lost in my life because she isn’t around me. I feel alone. She was my friend, my mom – my everything. I hope I can come back to my home and give her a big, big hug and do everything for her. I want to cry in her arms. Now I hope I can go back to my home and be with her for all of my life. I miss you so much, mom. I love you.”