Observer – Mobilizing Against Trump’s Travel Ban

June 26, 2017

Muslim and immigrant advocates and leaders said they are “prepared to mobilize lawyers and support” to John F. Kennedy International Airport 72 hours after a stay is lifted on President Donald Trump’s executive order barring entry to people from Muslim-majority countries—blasting the Supreme Court’s decision today to partially allow the travel ban to go into effect at an emergency press conference in Midtown Manhattan this afternoon.

Esraa Saleh, coordinator for the Arab American Family Support Center’s Audacious Young Women of Action (AYWA)—a social justice-centered and youth organizing program—interpreted the Supreme Court order as the court saying that national security “can be justification for religious discrimination.”

“Unfortunately, the youth that I work with have had to continue to resist and fight back and we’ll continue doing that because that is the power and the strength of the Muslim community and we will continue to say, ‘No ban, no wall and no raids because New York is for all,’” Saleh said.