Support Youth and the Arts at AAFSC!

January 18, 2013

By Jennifer Cohn
Youth Programs Development Assistant

A young artist’s piece featured at AAFSC’s recent art exhibition event.

A young artist’s piece featured at AAFSC’s recent art exhibition event.

If you happen to spend some time with the youth here at AAFSC (and we are always recruiting tutors for our afterschool program and chaperones for weekend trips!), you will observe the common reoccurring theme of the students’ love of art. At the afterschool program, kids with charcoal staining their hands and arms will proudly tell you about the project they’ve been working on in art class. They will show you their finished pieces and ask you what you think of them. Those who are done with their homework will ask for paper and markers, pencils, paint and other materials to further their artistic endeavors. AAFSC offers a Saturday art class for the kids once a month and at AAFSC’s recent art exhibition, many of the children’s artwork was prominently featured.

A few weeks ago, I spoke to a girl at the afterschool program who explained to me that, while art was her favorite subject in school, her school had little funding for the art program. She and her friends decided to raise money for art supplies by holding a bake sale at the school but the idea was eventually shut down by the higher administration.

As much as the kids love art, it seems there is always a scarcity of supplies, both at the students’ public schools and here, at AAFSC. At the afterschool program, basic art supplies such as construction paper, pencils, and markers are often in short supply. The lack of these resources inhibits the kids’ ability to express themselves creatively and denies them the essential outlet art provides for young people.

Luckily, YOU can help support youth and the arts at AAFSC. Donate supplies from our Amazon Art Supplies Wish List and witness the transformative power of the arts!