September 25, 2012

AAFSC VOTES 2012 at the Fordham University Volunteer Fair.

By: Natalie O’Brien, AAFSC VOTES 2012 Campaign Assistant

The AAFSC VOTES 2012 campaign is in full swing! We are working hard to register voters out on the street and at our official registration desk, located in our Court St office. The count is currently at 47 new voter registrations – we are determined to reach our goal of 150 voter registrations before the October 12 deadline!


So what comes next? This Tuesday 24th is National Voter Registration Day. We will be setting up a voter registration table outside our Court St office, with information on the campaign and our organization, as well as BALLOONS and FREE CANDY. Look out for us in our super stylish ‘Yalla VOTE’ t-shirts and be sure to say salaam!


We have lots of exciting things planned over the coming months, including a ‘Meet the Candidates’ Morning Tea, civics workshops on US democracy and voting machine demonstrations. Stay tuned over the coming weeks for details of these events!

AAFSC VOTES 2012 at the Fordham University Volunteer Fair.




For information on opportunities to get involved in this year’s campaign, contact Rama on rama@aafscny.org

AAFSC VOTES 2012 National Voter Registration Day.