Skating in A Winter Wonderland

December 13, 2011

This weekend the students from the AAFSC’s after school program traveled to Bryant Park for an afternoon of ice-skating. Some of the students zoomed fearlessly onto the ice, while others clung to the walls as volunteers taught them how to skate. By the end of the afternoon all the students were skating on their own – although many spent more time on the ground than skating on the ice! The students enjoyed the trip to Bryant Park so much they unanimously declared that the after school program should go ice-skating every weekend!

A student awaits his turn on the ice.

The trip to Bryant Park was supported by New York Care’s Urban Adventure’s program, which plans outings for youth groups in New York City. The AAFSC would like to extend a huge thank you to all the amazing volunteers for dutifully lacing up the students’ skates, holding hands as students gained their confidence on the ice, and lending hats and gloves to keep them warm. If you would like to join the ranks of these amazing volunteers by accompanying our students on future trips, visit the New York Cares website or contact Jake Keyel at 718-643-8000 ext. 39.

Our amazing volunteers cheer a student on as he learns to skate.

A volunteer and student enjoying their time at the skating rink.

One of our second grade students wrote this reflection for his homework on the Monday after the trip.

Although these two students began the afternoon clinging to the walls of the rink, by the end they were skating like pros.

One of our fearless students seemed to enjoy falling on the ice more than he did skating on it!