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The final effect depends on which of the Views concerning the pattern of these projections interneuronal subpopulations is selected order 800 mg renagel, through haveevolvedwiththetechniquesavailableforstudy- segmental and descending activation of Ib interneu- ing them buy renagel 400mg amex. Thus the picture has become more and rones generic renagel 800 mg mastercard,andmutualinhibitionofIbinterneurones(see more complex and confusing – from the relatively below) buy 400mg renagel with visa. This occurred at a latency consistent with a disynaptic pathway acti- vated by afferents from tendon organs buy renagel 800mg otc. Mutual inhibition may be used to select (ii) Intracellular recordings by Eccles, Eccles & the most appropriate alternative pathways for the Lundberg (1957)revealed that Ib reflex effects desired pattern of Ib actions. In the low spinal cat, the effects from extensors Ib inhibitory interneurones project onto the cells are strong, with disynaptic inhibition of extensor of origin of the ventral and dorsal spino-cerebellar motoneurones and trisynaptic excitation of flexor tracts. Theycouldtherebyprovideinformationabout motoneurones, but those from flexors are weak if their action on motoneurones and could serve to present. However, Ib effects from flexors, with weak dampen activity of these ascending neurones (see inhibition of flexor motoneurones and even exten- Jankowska, 1992). A cortical projection to area 3a sor excitation, have been seen after stimulation of via the dorsal spinocerebellar tract and nucleus Z the red nucleus (Hongo, Jankowska & Lundberg, has been documented (McIntyre, Proske & Rawson, 1969). Presynaptic Ib inhibition INs Ib Ib Hamstrings Ib Joint GTO IN Ia Cutaneous Ib Soleus INs Ia GM MNs MN TA Fig. They have trisynaptic excitatory projections to MNs of the direct antagonist, tibialis anterior (TA), and also to MNs of the flexors of the knee (hamstrings). The pathway of presynaptic inhibition of Ib terminals facilitated by Ib afferents and corticospinal fibres is also represented. Peripheral afferents Input to Ib interneurones Interneurones mediating Ib inhibition are activated Extensiveconvergencefromperipheralafferentsand by Ib and, to a lesser extent, Ia afferents and descending tracts onto Ib interneurones has been through one or two interposed interneurones by described by Lundberg, Jankowska and colleagues group II, cutaneous, joint and interosseous affer- (see the sketch in Fig. Subthresh- nificance of this convergence has been discussed in old effects from many sources may thus converge to 248 Ib pathways fire these interneurones. Descending tracts Post-activation depression Ib interneurones receive monosynaptic excitation Post-activation depression of interneurones of the fromthecorticospinalandrubrospinaltractsandare feline intermediate zone fed by group I afferents is inhibited from the dorsal reticulospinal system and marginal (Hammar, Slawinska & Jankowska, 2002). Because of the wide convergence on Ib interneurones, recep- tors activated by the movement may modulate the Reflex reversal during fictive locomotion component of the descending command mediated through these interneurones at a premotoneuronal In the cat, the termination of the stance phase level, i. If the unloading is prevented, In the anaesthetised cat, Ib inhibition produced by the stance phase is prolonged. Experiments during gastrocnemiusmedialismusclecontractionsevoked fictive locomotion in the decerebrate cat have pro- by electrical stimulation of the distal end of a cut vided evidence that the central pathway responsible branchofthenerveinnervatingthismusclehasbeen for this effect is a reversal of Ib inhibition to excita- explored in different muscles. Thus, cepssuraemotoneuronesweremaximalattheonset stimulation of group I (mainly Ib) afferents evokes of contraction and with abrupt increases in the con- autogenetic inhibition in extensor motoneurones at tractionforce(Zytnickietal. However,groupI rest, but produces excitation during the extensor afferent volleys elicited by the same gastrocnemius phase of walking (Gossard et al. Two differ- medialiscontractionwereinsufficientbythemselves ent pathways mediate this excitation. One involves a toevokeIPSPsinquadricepsmotoneurones(Lafleur disynaptic excitatory pathway to extensor motoneu- et al. The other has a longer latency and is thought to involve several interneu- rones, some of which are part of the spinal network Presynaptic inhibition and post- generating locomotor activity in the cat (Gossard activation depression etal. Itisprobablythispathwaythatisrespon- sible for the resetting of the locomotor cycle when Ib afferents are subject to potent presynaptic groupIafferentsarestimulated. Similarly,ithasbeen inhibition with PAD demonstrated that the Ib inhibition of flexor and This inhibition is (i) evoked by Ib afferents them- bifunctionalmotoneuronesatrestisreversedtodisy- selves, and not by Ia afferents, and (ii) facilitated napticexcitationduringfictivelocomotioninthecat fromthecorticospinaltract(seeRudomin&Schmidt (Quevedo et al. Methodology 249 depressionoftheHreflexbelowitscontrolvalue,and Methodology the inhibition only manifests itself as an abrupt ter- mination of the Ia excitation 0. Ib inhibition However, this still suggests that the monosynaptic Ia EPSP is truncated by a disynaptic IPSP, e. Four features or not, inhibition is contaminated by Ia facilitation, suggest that the resulting inhibition is of Ib origin: and the size of the H reflex will be determined by the (i) elicitation by large diameter muscle afferents, balance between the two. Ia connections, and stimulation of a nerve below 1 × MTproducesinhibitionofthetestreflex. Thisinhibi- tionisnotprecededbyreflexfacilitationanditsonset Inhibition of the H reflex at rest can therefore be accurately measured. Such combi- Ib inhibition is most readily disclosed using the H nations are rare but present in both the lower and reflex of a relaxed muscle, because voluntary acti- upper limbs. The first evidence for Ib inhibition in vation of a muscle depresses Ib inhibition to its human subjects was from gastrocnemius medialis motoneurones (see pp.

It is available as oral tablets After surgery order renagel 400 mg with mastercard, a scopolamine patch is prescribed to control nausea generic 400 mg renagel amex. You administer the patch buy cheap renagel 400mg online, as ordered buy renagel 800mg without a prescription, placing it on his chest in a and as a transdermal adhesive disc that is placed behind the nonhairy area buy cheap renagel 800 mg online. It increases bladder capacity and decreases frequency of voiding in clients with neurogenic bladder. Newer, centrally muscarinic, anticholinergic agent that inhibits bladder con- acting synthetic anticholinergic drugs are more selective for muscarinic receptors in the CNS and are designed to produce traction, decreases detrusor muscle pressure, and delays the fewer side effects. It is used to treat urinary frequency, urgency, and Trihexyphenidyl (Trihexy) is used in the treatment of urge incontinence. Tolterodine is more selective for muscarinic parkinsonism and extrapyramidal reactions caused by some receptors in the urinary bladder than other areas of the body, antipsychotic drugs. Trihexyphenidyl relieves smooth mus- such as the salivary glands, and therefore anticholinergic side cle spasm by a direct action on the muscle and by inhibiting effects are less marked. The drug supposedly has fewer side effects than at- mended for those with hepatic dysfunction. Tolterodine is also ropine, but approximately half the recipients report mouth available in an extended-release form. Trihexyphenidyl requires the same precautions as other anticholinergic drugs and is contraindi- cated in glaucoma. Biperiden (Akineton) and procyclidine Nursing Process (Kemadrin) are chemical derivatives of trihexyphenidyl and have similar actions. Its anticholinergic which anticholinergic drugs are used (ie, check for brady- activity approximates that of atropine. A major clinical use is cardia or heart block, diarrhea, dysuria, abdominal pain, to treat acute dystonic reactions caused by antipsychotic and other disorders). If the client reports or medical records drugs and to prevent their recurrence in clients receiving indicate a specific disorder, assess for signs and symptoms long-term antipsychotic drug therapy. In full • Assess for disorders in which anticholinergic drugs are dosage, adverse reactions are common. Urinary Antispasmodics • Assess use of other drugs with anticholinergic effects, such as antihistamines (histamine-1 receptor antagonists Flavoxate (Urispas) was developed specifically to counter- [see Chap. Thus, the drug relieves dysuria, urgency, frequency, and pain with Nursing Diagnoses genitourinary infections, such as cystitis and prostatitis. Before this • Risk for Injury related to drug-induced blurred vision and procedure, you have been ordered to give him Valium and at- photophobia ropine. Explain the rationale of giving an anticholinergic agent • Risk for Noncompliance related to adverse drug effects as a preoperative medication. For example, with peptic ulcer disease, teach the client to Extrapyramidal Reactions avoid factors known to increase gastric secretion and GI motility (alcohol; cigarette smoking; caffeine-containing When used in drug-induced extrapyramidal reactions beverages, such as coffee, tea, and cola drinks; ulcerogenic (parkinson-like symptoms), these drugs should be prescribed drugs, such as aspirin). They should not be used routinely to avoided because increased gastric acid secretion occurs ap- prevent extrapyramidal reactions because fewer than half the proximately 90 minutes after eating and may cause pain and clients taking antipsychotic drugs experience such reactions. Although milk was once considered Most drug-induced reactions last approximately 3 months and an ulcer food, it contains protein and calcium, which pro- do not recur if anticholinergic drugs are discontinued at that mote acid secretion, and is a poor buffer of gastric acid. Atropine is the antidote for poisoning by muscarinic ago- • Interview and observe for relief of symptoms for which nists such as certain species of mushrooms, cholinergic ag- the drugs are given. Symptoms of muscarinic poi- soning include salivation, lacrimation, visual disturbances, bronchospasm, diarrhea, bradycardia, and hypotension. Atropine blocks the poison from interacting with the mus- PRINCIPLES OF THERAPY carinic receptor, thus reversing the toxic effects. Use in Specific Conditions Asthma Renal or Biliary Colic Oral anticholinergics are not used to treat asthma and other Atropine is sometimes given with morphine or meperidine to chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases because of their ten- relieve the severe pain of renal or biliary colic. It acts mainly dency to thicken secretions and form mucus plugs in airways. It has little antispasmodic effect on the involved mus- bronchodilation without thickening of respiratory secretions. Toxicity of Anticholinergics: Preoperative Use in Clients With Glaucoma Recognition and Management Glaucoma is usually listed as a contraindication to anticholin- Overdosage of atropine or other anticholinergic drugs pro- ergic drugs because the drugs impair outflow of aqueous humor duces the usual pharmacologic effects in a severe and exag- and may cause an acute attack of glaucoma (increased intra- gerated form. However, anticholinergic drugs can be given characterized by hyperthermia; hot, dry, flushed skin; dry safely before surgery to clients with open-angle glaucoma mouth; mydriasis; delirium; tachycardia; ileus; and urinary re- (80% of clients with primary glaucoma) if they are receiving tention.

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Green  2004 John Wiley & Sons buy renagel 800mg low cost, Ltd ISBN: 0-471-98787-5 56 TEXTBOOK OF CLINICAL TRIALS number of barriers at each stage of a trial: The process of patient selection and recruit- eligibility generic renagel 800 mg otc, recruitment buy 800 mg renagel otc, gaining informed consent ment mostly aims to produce an homogeneous and follow-up buy renagel 400 mg overnight delivery. In addition we will discuss strate- study population with the purpose of increas- gies for increasing the number of older people in ing the statistical power to detect the effects of clinical trials order renagel 800 mg on-line, so that in future, those responsible drugs. Indeed, although tight eligibility criteria may aim to produce very similar par- ELIGIBILITY ticipants, inter-patient variability is such that a truly homogeneous group of patients is difficult, Despite recommendations to the contrary, older if not impossible, to identify. Important prog- people are still being excluded from clinical nostic variables will be measured at baseline, research on the basis of age alone, shown by an but even if study participants are the same on analysis of studies reported in four leading jour- these criteria, they will still vary in the course nals (BMJ, Gut,theLancet and Thorax) which of their disease and on unmeasured prognostic factors. Even when treatment trials strongly related to advancing age, found that tri- are specifically designed for older people, overly als published later were more likely to exclude stringent exclusion criteria can produce highly older subjects. Moreover, since more women than skewed and non-representative patient popula- men survive to older age and in some cases, such tions. Since there Operating an upper age limit for trials has is considerable scope for improving such symp- often been used to limit the problem of co- toms with drugs that enhance cognition, these trials may well be missing opportunities. A patients who may respond particularly well to the review of pertinent studies suggests that this drug under test. A trial comparing the efficacy may be misguided since the physiological and of sertraline and nortriptyline in major depres- functional characteristics of the patient, rather sion included patients aged 60 years and over, than chronological age per se, appear to be the but a subgroup analysis of the 76 patients aged most important in drug interactions. The advantages of CLINICAL TRIALS INVOLVING OLDER PEOPLE 57 wide eligibility criteria for entering patients into Although the experience of earlier trials on clinical trials are summarised in Box 4. Large study sizes reduce random error, strategies, though mass mailing, media advertis- providing more reliable overall results. There- screening, participant referrals and other recruit- fore greater clinical and public ment methods have been compared in a trial of health impact. Greater opportunity to test sub- the efficacy of weight loss and sodium reduction for preventing hypertension in the elderly. Tri- RECRUITMENT als recruiting volunteers, although producing a population who may be more likely to remain throughout the length of the study, provide little The recruitment, in sufficient numbers and within evidence of applicability to the general elderly the desired time frame, of motivated and compli- population. Older volunteers tend to be more ant subjects, representative of the wider group likely than younger ones to be healthy and liv- ultimately receiving treatment, is the goal of all ing independently, of particular importance for who design and execute clinical trials. Recruit- trials of interventions involving exercise since ing motivated participants is a problem for all volunteers may not be the subjects most likely clinical trials but particular difficulties are evi- 17 to benefit. Clinical tri- Rarely does one single strategy succeed in als are likely to involve more regular monitoring recruiting adequate numbers of representative and follow-up assessments than would routinely patients. It is important therefore that the char- take place in practice and this in itself may be too burdensome for older people who may have acteristics of participants are regularly monitored other health problems, which they may perceive throughout the trial, and compared to the gen- as more important, or lack access to transport. Such plete collection of data and more accurate pre- mixed-mode recruitment has produced represen- diction of patient compliance, again highlighting tative samples of high-risk older people for a trial of geriatric evaluation and management. Studies examining significant predictors of As with eligibility and recruitment, the means of enrollment into trials are equivocal in their find- gaining informed consent from subjects enrolling ings. A systematic review of literature on informed should be addressed at the design stage of the trial consent found evidence of impaired understand- and the information that the patient requires to give ing of the informed consent information in older informed consent is listed in Box 4. Available treatments and treatment informed consent for ambulatory trials has been on trial. Potential risks and benefits of treat- specific and it was tested on relatively young and ment. Concept of a clinical trial (includ- Family members have also been found to play ing randomisation, use of placebos, an important role in the informed consent pro- double-blind procedures). Discomforts or inconveniences associ- spouses, being associated with successful enroll- ated with assessments. Number of follow-up visits or extra found that the majority (96%) of those approached travel for trial. Reasons given by a subsample of those enrolled by the physician were predomi- Clinicians may see relaying the concept of a randomised controlled trial as admittance of igno- nantly the trust and respect subjects had for their rance about the best treatment for the patient, or doctor, though a small number admitted to agree- may make ageist assumptions concerning the abil- ing through fear. Further- Much healthcare provision is imperialistic and more, the clinical trial design is complex and even this may re-enforce the belief, held by some older if explained carefully, patients may not under- people, that all decisions relating to their treatment stand fully enough to give true informed consent. It should be remembered that A qualitative study, as part of a set of trials of not all older people however want active treatment the effectiveness of treatments for men with uri- in all cases and there may be reluctance to take nary retention and benign prostatic disease, found medication for certain conditions. A recent trial that, although information given was accurately of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors in the CLINICAL TRIALS INVOLVING OLDER PEOPLE 59 treatment of depression and anxiety in community- gaining informed consent generally for trials, not dwelling older people found that, whilst 11 of just those specifically for dementia treatments.

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